LEITAT is a technological centre aiming to offer efficient services to the companies of the industrial sector by adding technology value both to products and processes. We focus our activity on Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&i) and our services are clearly aimed at the adaptation to the constant changes and needs, as well as providing the more efficient and sustainable answers to companies.

Since it was founded in 1906, the Technological Center LEITAT has focused its activity on the needs of the enterprises by promoting honesty, professionalism and respect to people and to environment at the same time. Because of its commitment to search the best technology solutions for other companies, LEITAT collaborates with public institutions, state-owned bodies, universities and other technological centres in order to find the most efficient solutions for our partner's problems.

Within this commitment, one of the LEITAT's strategies is the promotion of R&D&i in order to improve production process respecting the environment. The Environmental Unit is in charge of performing projects and managing initiatives, which promote innovative and efficient energy resources and waste management, to preserve and improve the environmental quality as well as contributing to substantial economic savings for the Spanish public and private sectors.

Besides R+D projects and activities, consultancy and training are the action lines within LEITAT performs its activities: Industrial Ecology sustainable combination of environment, technology and economy; Ecoinnovation products and processes that contribute to sustainable development (LCA and Ecodesign); Environmental Management and Labelling management tools to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance (EMAS, SGMA ISO 14001:2004, Eco-label...); Environmental Training .



El tinter

El Tinter, a communication company, offers design services, publishing, printing, audiovisual production and multimedia art. It is a leader company in Ecodesign and ecological publishing with several years of experience and with several certifications of quality and environmental. The basis of its activity is the professionalism and implication of its human team as well as in the search for a continuous improvement.

El Tinter was the first company of Graphic Art and Audiovisual in implementing the EMAS (2000). It also implemented the ISO:14001 (2000), the ISO:9001 of Quality (2007), the UNE150:301 of Ecodesign (2008), and the FSC chain of custody paper (2009). All these certifications endorse its commitment of develop its activity with quality and with as less environmental impact as possible.

The company has taken part in the constitution of the GEBCN (Ecopublishing Group of Barcelona) from where the ecopublishing of any type of publication is investigated and disseminated. It also has participated in the constitution of the EMAS Club of Catalonia that promotes the continuous improvement of ecological performance of enterprises and its acknowledgment.




SIMPPLE was born in 2000 as a technological innovation centre of the IT Net of the Government of Catalonia from various research groups of the University Rovira i Virgili (FeT and AGA) and from the initiative and energy of a young enterprising team with expertise in the development of knowledge and technological transfer projects. Since 2004 the centre became a technology based-company in order to go on supporting the enterprises and creating added value.

SIMPPLE wants to be a reference company in the field of R&D&i by developing technologies and advanced products, through the innovative and transversal use of knowledge.

The fundamental pillars of the company are: its human team and the R&D&i. The key of its success consist in the attraction and retention of talent of a multidisciplinary human team, with a solid experience. The objective is to make the most of the staff synergies in order to develop innovative products with high technological added value.


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